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Ketamine Therapy in Beverly Hills, LA

For those struggling with anxiety, depression or PTSD, Ketamine Therapy has shown remarkable results in improving overall happiness with little to no side effects and has helped countless people overcome a variety of mental health challenges. Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (Depression therapy) can be the bridge between where you are and where you were always meant to be.

What is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine has been in clinical use for over 50 years and has recently gained a lot of traction for its benefits in the treatment of drug-resistant depression and PTSD. Ketamine has been widely used as an anesthetic in hospital settings for decades. Because of Ketamine’s constant use, it is generally considered one of the safest anesthetics there is. With very little known side effects, it has been emerging as a treatment for conditions such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. Clinical studies have demonstrated that a single sub-anesthetic dose of Ketamine induces rapid and sustained antidepressant actions. Although findings like these show great promise, Ketamine’s widespread use is limited to date.

Is it safe?

Ketamine has been widely used as an anesthetic in hospital settings for decades. Because of that, it is very well researched and found to be extremely safe. It has been emerging as an effective mental health treatment as it has shown that in the right environment it can help create lasting change.

Our Ketamine Program

As a total wellness clinic, we go beyond just providing the medicine by guiding you every step of the way during our proven integration process, helping you unravel any of the thought patterns and triggers that have caused you discomfort in the past. 

Ketamine Therapy

Meet Your Doctor

Ketamine Therapy

One of our doctors will meet with you for 30 minutes to determine whether you are a good fit for this therapy based on your health history.

Ketamine Therapy

Clinical Therapist Intro Session

Meet Sydney Klatt

Clinical Therapist, KAP (Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy)

Sydney Klatt, LCSW is a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist who specializes in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Sydney will support clients in preparing for the program and setting clear goals and intentions to use ketamine therapy as a tool to get unstuck from patterns that no longer serve them. Sydney’s approach is non-judgmental and wholehearted, and she believes in centering each person’s unique needs to help them meet their therapeutic goals.

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Ketamine Therapy

In-Office Program

  • Curated Welcome Kit – Includes an eye mask, integration journal and pen, curated music playlist, last minute checklist, and electrolytes
  • 7 hours of Clinical Therapy via Telehealth
  • 6 sessions in-office with medical supervision
  • Private room for a comfortable and peaceful environment
  • Zero gravity chairs to help improve blood circulation
Additional Support

Integration Therapy

The single most important part about Ketamine is the integration and therapeutic component. Integration is the process of taking any insights you may have gained during the session and incorporating them into your daily life moving forward. Our process will provide you with the tools and techniques to help optimize the changes taking place within your mind and body. Our comprehensive program includes six hours of integration sessions with our Clinical Therapist, who will help you understand yourself better and harmonize your Ketamine experience post session. Integration can support you in utilizing insights from Ketamine treatment to instill positive patterns that make long-lasting change.

Additional Support

Additional Support

Ketamine Therapy
  • During your session, a clinical therapist is available for an additional fee.
  • Pre or post session at-home IV nutrient therapy with a nurse is available for an additional fee.


About the Ketamine Therapy Program

Can you participate in the program if you are out of state?
No, Sydney, our clinical therapist, cannot treat out of state patients.
What does an integration session entail?
Integration can support patients in utilizing insights from Ketamine treatment to instill positive patterns and make long-lasting change. Patients can maximize the potential benefits of Ketamine by intentionally processing what came up in their journey with their therapist whether it was positive, challenging, or a mixture of both. During your integration sessions, you will have a chance to reflect on your experience and determine how you might want to make adjustments in your life to help you meet your goals.
Will the clinical therapist be in the room with me during each session?
Our therapist is available for preparation and integration sessions, but will not be present for the Ketamine medicine sessions in-office. If you would like your therapist present during your medicine sessions, this can be arranged as an add-on service for an additional fee.
Can I have a therapist come to my house to facilitate Ketamine medicine sessions?
Yes! This is available at an extra fee. Please speak to our treatment coordinators if you are interested in this service.
What happens during in-clinic sessions?
Patients will arrive at our office in Beverly Hills and will undergo Ketamine treatment under the supervision of medical staff. They will meet with their therapist over Zoom the following 24 – 72 hours to support the integration of the Ketamine experience. Patients should be expected to be in the clinic for approximately 3 hours. Please note that patients will need someone to drive them home from their Ketamine session and should not drive the rest of the day.
What does ketamine feel like?
Ketamine’s effect is highly personal. Many report feelings of overall positivity, transcendence, calmness, joyfulness, tingling sensations, and a slightly elevated heart rate. Ketamine can cause a feeling of deep relaxation and slowing down, a heaviness or floating sensation in the body.
Can I drive after my session?
Clients are prohibited from driving home after their in-office sessions, and should not drive for the rest of the day.
What are the possible side-effects of Ketamine?
While most side effects of Ketamine are minor and resolve quickly following each session, we make sure to monitor each patient closely during treatment. Research shows that although side effects only arise in 10% of patients, they can include feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, headache and elevated heart rate. We do our best to mitigate each effect by providing anti-nausea medication prior to treatment that is also in your welcome kit, encouraging or creating a comfortable and supportive environment, and requiring each patient to prescreen with our internal medicine doctor to ensure that all risk has been minimized.
Is Ketamine safe?
Ketamine has been used in hospital settings as an anesthetic for over 50 years. It is important to note that the doses used in our programs are much lower than those used in a hospital setting. As with any drug, if misused or abused, there can be risks associated with Ketamine; however the risks are still lower than other commonly used recreational drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis. The potential for addiction is extremely low when taken infrequently under clinical supervision.
How long does Ketamine last?
If you are joining us in-clinic, you can expect to be with us in the office for approximately three hours. The peak of most treatments will last from 60 to 90 minutes with some time at the beginning and end of your experience to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable.

The Citrin Experience

The Ketamine Therapy Program that I completed with Dr. Citrin was amazing. The staff had such a calming presence, making me feel safe and cared for during my sessions which was very important for me going in. The first day after my treatment it felt like a weight had been lifted off me & I was more comfortable in my own skin. The invaluable part about this program is that you have a scheduled appointment the next day with the therapist on staff to talk about your experience. I would recommend this program to those who have struggled mentally in any way- it changed my life! I plan on going in for more sessions as I need them in the future.

Alexandra S.

The ketamine program at Citrin Wellness changed my life. A friend told me about it and from the second I walked into this beautiful clinic I knew I was in the right place. The doctors and staff were so warm and welcoming. They answered every single question I had (I had a lot!). I felt so comfortable and confident. I am truly so thankful for them and for this experience— it saved me!

Alison L.