IV Therapy in Beverly Hills, LA

Our various IV therapies provide a quick and effective way for you to receive essential vitamins, minerals, and compounds directly into your bloodstream to ensure maximum health.

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How can IV therapy help?

There is a wide variety of health enhancing benefits that we can provide via IV therapy. We have various IVs that can offer a wide range of wellness benefits, such as:


Total Wellness from the Inside Out.

Alleviate Migraines
Ease Anxiety
Lower Stress
Mental Clarity
Mood Enhancement


Gut. Mobility. Recovery.

Athletic Performance Recovery
Boost Energy Levels
Boost Immune System
Cold and Flu Relief
Hangover Relief
Liver Support
Reduce Nutrient Deficiencies


Stay Younger, Longer.

Inflammation Reduction
Weight Inflammation

How does IV Therapy work?

The Wellness Room

We have you seated in your own luxurious state of the art IV room, where you can sit back and relax while an IV bag prepared specifically for you is safely and painlessly administered into your arm. The length of IV therapy typically takes 1-2 hours, but may vary depending on the type of IV that is chosen. 

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Targeted IVs

IVs are necessary when the body needs a higher amount of nutrients than it can absorb orally or when the nutrients it needs cannot be absorbed due to stomach acid breakdown. We have targeted IVs we recommend for these purposes, such as:

Myers Cocktail ($195)
Basic vitamins and minerals with a good dose of hydration. A potent combination of electrolytes, B-complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and zinc.
nad iv ($ determined by dose)
Our most advanced IV for energy, inflammation, and rejuvenation. Click to learn more about pricing and the benefits. 
immune iv ($250)
This is a high dose of vitamin C, vitamins, minerals and amino acids with proper hydration to support the immune system.
beauty iv ($250)
Elevate your inner radiance with the Beauty IV. It’s enriched with vitamin C to boost collagen, L-Lysine for rejuvenation, and biotin to enhance hair, skin, and nail health, bringing it up a notch.
super-charged immune ($300)
Extra high dose Vitamin C. This is typically for an acute infection or a more serious chronic infection such as EBV. 
weight loss ($250)
Tap into your body’s fat reserves for energy, not storage, with the Weight Loss IV. It features a potent mix of Methionine, Carnitine, Lysine, L-Arginine, vitamin B12, taurine, and essential amino acids and vitamins. This blend is crafted to reduce fat, increase lean muscle, and enhance metabolism.
detox iv ($195)
This IV promotes detox, aids the liver, boosts glutathione, and restores lost nutrients from stress, poor diet, or a hard night out. It is similar to a Myers Cocktail but with MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline) to help with proper detoxification.
IV packages
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