Restore Your Hair Like Never Before

Hair Restoration in Beverly Hills, LA

PRF hair restoration is a non-surgical procedure that leverages your body’s own healing properties to help significantly regrow hair. The important part of hair restoration is getting to the root cause of why there are issues in the first place. Once we identify those, we have a few different approaches to help with restoration. 

Getting to the Root Cause of Your Hair Loss

We evaluate hormones and other blood markers to see if there is a cause for hair issues. This is done through an initial consultation if the patient suspects there is an underlying issue why they are losing hair. For many people, it is an imbalance with cortisol, testosterone, vitamin D, and iron. 

PRF Injections

​​The entire procedure typically takes around 45 minutes to complete. The number of sessions needed varies based on your specific goals and hair loss condition, but we typically recommend 3 sessions for hair injections, 1 per month for 3 months.

Blood Draw
The patient’s blood is drawn in-office and processed to extract the platelet-rich fibrinogen (PRF) from the patient’s blood. This is quickly processed in a centrifuge in our office. Like PRP, PRF is made only from the patient’s blood without any other additives. The PRF contains a lot of growth factors and other components responsible for tissue healing.
Numbing for Comfort
To ensure a pain-free experience, we start by applying a topical anesthetic, typically a BLT cream (Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Tetracaine), to the patient’s scalp.
Delicate Precision
Our skilled practitioner gently injects the PRF to the subdermal scalp, where it penetrates the base of the follicles. This process creates the response needed so the applied PRF can achieve maximum results. 
Activating Natural Healing
These PRF injections act as a signal for the body to stimulate the production of new hair follicles and also provide the appropriate healing response to damaged follicles. Over time, the follicles regrow thicker and fuller allowing for healthier hair overall. We typically recommend 1 treatment every month for 3 months, then 1x – 2x a year for on-going maintenance.
Downtime for PRF Treatment
Almost no downtime, we just ask patients to not shower the scalp for up to 12 hours following the procedure. We typically recommend 3 treatments for most patients. 1 treatment monthly for 3 months, then 1 treatment once or twice a year to maintain the results. We will sit down with you and design the optimal regimen to achieve your goals.