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Vitamin Shots

Vitamins are essential for good health and overall well-being. Vitamin levels affect many of the regenerative capabilities of our body. However, it is difficult to ensure adequate vitamin consumption through diet alone, especially if there is any gut issues that affect absorption. We have found that doing micronutrient testing in office that most people have some level of vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin shots are an excellent way to overcome vitamin deficiency and boost overall well-being. Vitamin shots contain the right combination of micronutrients to restore health and vitality. These shots are highly bio-available to the body since they are injected directly and don’t need to go through the gut to be absorbed.

What are vitamin shots?

Also known as wellness injections, vitamin shots offer a great way to replenish and supercharge the human body with essential nutrients and vitamins. These shots are administered in under five minutes and can aid in several conditions triggered by vitamin deficiencies and imbalances.

Some of the many micronutrients that you might be lacking include:

At Citrin Wellness, our medical experts can test to determine the vitamins and nutrients you need to ensure optimal health.

Why get a vitamin shot instead of supplements?

Vitamin shots are preferable and recommended for many reasons. Intramuscular vitamin shots are the fastest way to introduce vitamins and minerals into the body to support the immune system and maintain optimal levels.

Furthermore, these treatments are absorbed into the bloodstream directly and efficiently, unlike oral supplements. Because the digestive system breaks down everything that passes through it, many oral supplements and nutrients are poorly absorbed.

Alternatively, vitamin shots are quick to administer, and most people immediately feel the positive effects and results.

How often should you get a vitamin shot?

Though people may get a vitamin shot weekly to boost their overall well-being, how often you need it depends on your body requirements and treatment reasons. Most people need one per week, but depending on your goal you may need more. Your lifestyle and body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients will determine your protocol design.

What to expect after a vitamin shot?

There is minimal risk of adverse effects from vitamin shots. There is absolutely nothing to worry about; once you get your treatment, you can immediately resume your daily activities. You do not require rest or have to take any precautionary measures after the treatment.

What are the top benefits of vitamin shots?

Vitamin shots can address numerous wellness concerns; if administered the right way, you can benefit significantly from vitamin therapy. Some of the top benefits include: