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What is Ketamine?

The search for a treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD can be frustrating because of the many options and a no one-size-fits-all option. Citrin Wellness is dedicated to delivering customized treatments that address your specific requirements and get your desired results.

Ketamine has been in clinical use for over 50 years; and has recently gained a lot of traction for its benefit in drug resistant depression and PTSD.

Ketamine has been widely used as an anesthetic in hospital settings for decades. And because of its constant use, it is generally considered one of the safest anesthetics there is. With very little known side-effects, it has been emerging as a treatment for these conditions.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that a single subanesthetic dose of ketamine induces rapid and sustained antidepressant actions. Although findings like these show great promise, ketamine’s widespread use is limited to date.

Why our solution is unique:

We have discovered through a lot of research, talking with other programs and our patients, the single most important part about ketamine is the integration and therapeutic component. We have found that ketamine is best described as an analogy like restarting the computer. It can give the mind a break from the constant repetitive thought patterns that cause anxiety, PTSD, and depression.
We have a somatic specialist who will help you unravel your thought patterns and triggers to assess the ones that keep appearing causing you distress.

We have a unique process in office. The first step starts with a consultation with one of our doctors. Then a EKG clearance with our internal medicine doctor clearing you for ketamine use. You will then meet with an integration specialist who will walk you through the program. The sessions then start typically 1x per week and last 4 weeks. The day after every visit you will meet again with our integration specialist who will assign specific somatic exercises and tasks for you to do that week. We have found a profound amount of help for people as they rate their happiness after the program with sustained help.

Ketamine therapy may work when other medications don’t.

When you have already tried traditional medicines and remedies but cannot achieve long-term pain relief or reduce your depression, ketamine may be the solution that provides lasting relief. Ketamine therapy may allow you to take less medication or eliminate it entirely and provide relief from chronic, debilitating pain. Additionally, unlike potentially addictive opioids, ketamine offers a controlled, often immediate effect on pain, unlike an opioid that usually requires increased dosage levels over time.

 Ketamine therapy benefits:

Findings at-a-glance:
There is benefit to at home therapy. However, we have found clinically there is a significant benefit to working with us in the office and our integration specialist rather doing at home alone ketamine.

However, there is a major publication on at home therapy alone.