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Stop taking supplements that you read about!

More than likely you’ve used a natural remedy for an ailment or two. Chicken soup for a cold, a spoonful of honey for a sore throat. Maybe it was passed down by your grandmother or you quickly Googled for a fast fix when you couldn’t make it to the store.

While some natural remedies might seemingly work due to a placebo effect — who doesn’t like to think that chicken soup cures all? — some natural remedies actually do work. From heartburn to headaches to menstrual cramps, here’s how to cure your most common ailments naturally.

For a stomach ache, try ginger or peppermint.

“A stomach ache often occurs with too much peristalsis, which means slow muscle contractions in the intestines,” Dr. Guy Citrin, ND, tells SheKnows. “Some natural remedies that can be safe to try are ginger or peppermint. Those can help with the smooth muscle contraction.”