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Mold Toxicity

Environmentally Acquired Illnesses

Chronic health problems can result from exposure to environmental toxins, including mold and mycotoxins from water-damaged buildings, air pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, and persistent infections. Over time, cumulative exposure to these environmental toxins can result in debilitating symptoms leading to chronic inflammation and illness.

Exposure to environmental triggers can present differently in individuals depending on genetic susceptibility, health status, toxic burden, and various lifestyle factors. A wide array of symptoms can present in multiple body systems and can include:

How can a doctor improve my symptoms related to environmentally acquired illness?

We utilize the initial consultation as an information-gathering session to discuss your medical history, symptom timeline, and testing options to help determine the root cause of symptoms. Identifying and removing exposure to an environmental trigger(s) is an important part of the healing process but also requires an individualized plan to improve health. To promote optimal healing, we use a tailored approach to diet, medication, supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations to promote detoxification, immune balancing, and resilience to future exposures.