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Functional Medicine

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine, also known as naturopathic medicine or integrative medicine, is a holistic, patient-focused approach to quality of life and healing. It evaluates the totality of the patient in order to identify the root cause behind your symptoms. Then provides a comprehensive treatment plan to address and correct the underlying cause.

Symptoms are generally how our body communicates something is amiss. Masking symptoms with band-aid medication and pharmacy that does not address the actual cause of the issue can miss the proper solution for long-term healing. More importantly, it misses the chance to correct it and restore health.

Instead of offering treatments to relieve or disguise your symptoms, Citrin Wellness’ objective is to address the underlying source of your health issues, enhance your overall wellness, and improve your quality of life.

You can expect a thorough examination of your life and all the various aspects that may be causing you to feel subpar.
Functional and Naturopathic Medicine from our team at Citrin Wellness can help you manage or support:

Integrative care means a combination between holistic and conventional medicine with multiple approaches to healing by customizing treatment plans to the individual. As fully licensed doctors, the team at Citrin Wellness is well versed in both natural and conventional medicine and will guide you which modality is likely best for your condition. We incorporate lifestyle, diet and nutrition, supplements, injections, peptides, and pharmaceuticals when necessary.

What does functional medicine include?

Functional & Naturopathic medicine is highly individualized to each patient. Citrin Wellness utilizes treatments and therapies to improve your health, specifically designed for you to look and feel your best.

Your journey begins with a comprehensive consultation that will include a very detailed comprehensive history, including family and psychological history, lifestyle questions. Once we have an in depth understanding of our patient, we advise typically for a comprehensive blood panel along with any specialty labs if they are necessary. Those are not necessary but can include things like: food intolerances, heavy metals, gut and microbiome analysis, hormone analysis, neuro-transmitters, organic acids, micro-nutrients, mold toxicity, among others.

Typically, we advise for an immediate treatment plan while we await the labs and functional tests if they were ordered.
Treatment options then can include any of the following: life-style modifications, nutrition correction, supplements, peptides, regenerative care, and pharmacy. The most important thing to know is that we customize every single treatment plan to the patient and not the condition or symptom when we understand the CAUSE of their symptoms.

What are the benefits of functional medicine?

Personalized attention is one of the essential benefits of naturopathic medicine. Citrin Wellness understands that no two patients have the exact needs and that what works for one is not the same for anyone else. We incorporate natural and conventional modalities that traditional physicians might overlook. We have found that the majority of our patients are completely underserved medically, provided with quick fixes. We pride ourselves on our diagnostic ability and wide range of therapeutic options that help the body HEAL so patients can THRIVE. Please schedule a free 15 minute consult to discuss your needs and see if we can help you.