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5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Can Improve Your Wellbeing

  1. Stop taking supplements that you read about! Most people are shocked when I tell them this. But most people waste lots of money taking all sorts of random supplements, without having someone indicate what is most necessary. If you can’t feel your supplement, 99% of the time it’s not what you need. Don’t be your own doctor is always what I advocate and use your money to hire a professional who can help you understand the best things your body needs.
  2. Poop regularly! At least one bowel movement per day is SO crucial!
  3. Sleep on SCHEDULE. Most people think it’s the amount of sleep they get, which is very important but it’s also the regularity of sleep. And most people need a full 8 hours!
  4. Biohacking is possible! With the right understanding you can increase your own growth hormone, repair your mitochondria, repair your brain patterning. There are all sorts of interesting things: Peptides, NAD, K2, Mushrooms, Hyperbaric Oxygen, hormone replacement, etc.
  5. Fix your joint pain with regenerative medicine. There is a HUGE area of medicine most people have never heard of. I use something called PRF: platelet rich fibrinogen that is a component from the blood and I inject that back into damaged tissue. It does what platelets do when someone gets a cut: it heals it! It’s fantastic for all sorts of orthopedic conditions, and if you are in pain daily you can’t live your best life. Surgery and cortisone aren’t the only answers.